Spectral Reflectometer Model 100

Developed to measure the Spectral Reflectance of objects such as plastics, metals, paints and coatings, thin films and optical filters to name a few. This instrument is microprocessor controlled and allows date and time stamped measurements to be saved using on-board memory and retrieved by the user's personal computer for detailed analysis and manipulation.

The Model 100 has an built-in very high reflectance broadband (99.5%) mirror and calibration is as simple as pushing a single button. The "Compare" capability allows the user to select a reference sample, calibrate against that sample, and then measure and record test samples for uniformity. A USB serial port along with the necessary Windows software is included to allow full control of the Model 100 by an external PC computer.


  • 550nm Photopic Response - same as the human eye (other wavelenghts available upon request)
  • Two (2) Measurement Modes - Standard Spectral Reflectance and Zero based Reference Compare
  • Standard measurement range from 0-100% ± 0.5% accuracy
  • Compare Mode measurement range from -99.0% to 0 to +99.0%, accuracy ± 1%
  • Memory for logging data measurements in both standard and compare modes
  • Real Time Clock for date and time stamping of measured data
  • On-board microprocessor to control all operations and functions
  • USB serial port for communications with and downloading data from the Model 100
  • AC powered or internal Battery power for remote field operations
  • Size - 5 x 8 x 13 inches (HxWxD), less than 12 Pounds in weight
  • Test probe is soft Delrin® plastic, will not scratch sensitive surfaces
  • Built-in carrying handle for portable operation
  • Full 2 Year limited warranty
  • For Pricing please contact factory, Stock to 4 Weeks delivery
  • (Note: CA residence pay local Sales Tax)

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Notice: Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.